starting a web design agency

What is web agency and starting a web design agency

In this article, I will break the frequently ask questions , what is web agency , how to hire one and starting a web design agency

What is web agency

Web agency is an expert that uses his or her service to promote someone’s business to be known throughout the internet community.

This service can be in terms of marketing and promotion, web design and development, graphic design, search engine optimization, content creation and many more.

Hiring a web agency to monitor the online side of your enterprise for smooth running of the business is like employing someone to work for you .

You are the employer while the web agency is your employee.
The web agency should submit to your command based on a contract of the work

What are the web agency services in a business

Web design
This agency didn’t focus on the marketing and promotion. But focus on, building and redesigning of a website, making the website good looking and attractive to the visitors,

easy to navigate on all browsers, fast to load and reduce bounce rate, doing some basic on-page SEO, fixing of broken link and redirect with overall health of the website.

You can hire a professional web agency that will do a good eyes catching design for you and monitor the health and security of your website

In this competitive business environment, marketing is vital to any kind of business you are doing. An excellent service or product need excellent marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competitors .

A web agency can be your marketer by using the power of social media to promote your brand and making it easy for potential customers who can visit your website and convert to customers to see your product or service

Search Engine Optimization
If you are serious about your business long term. You must start doing the SEO today. It is another form of marketing that involved optimizing your website with your niche keywords on the title, description, image alt, body and so on.

A web agency can make your website searchable on a search engine when potential customers searched queries related to above keywords. It might take at least 3 months to a year to see the effect. But it will save you a lot of cash to be doing paid marketing at the long run.

Difference between marketing and SEO is that with marketing you can bid for a keyword on google and be on the first page, you will be charged on PPC (pay per click) while using SEO If your keyword ranked for a particular keyword, it is free, that is why it is called organic traffic

If you want your stories to be captivating for visitors. You will need a professional image that will speak your brand . A graphic agency creates visual concepts, using software or by hand, to communicate ideas or stories that inspire, inform, and captivate buyers to purchase your offer.

Content creation
Content is the king, having a good web design layout, optimized your page for SEO and having good graphic that communicate your offer is not enough. You must serious with content marketing and link building

A content creation agency will do keywords research and optimized your content for SEO by matching the keywords in your content with buyers google search intent. This can generate a tone of organic traffic to your website.

I will discuss more on the popular one (web design agency)

What is web design agency

It is an agency that comprises web designers and web developers who may be an individual freelancer or part of a small and mid-level digital agency with bigger employees count, larger infrastructure to render expanded services

Their primary role is to build a website attractive to potential customers and SEO friendly so you can generate leads, not just a scrap template with many number of pages just to order reward from you

Their job is more easier when you have a simple idea of what you wanted your website to accomplish. It will serve as a framework and guide that will make the design unique and creative

How to hire a good web design agency

Experience: They should have experience. You will not like to give your project to newbie just because the price is cheap. You might end up spending more if you don’t get the result you expected.

Size of the agency: Size is another factor to consider, if only one person doing all the services, it might have ended up shit, or if is not available because of illness or other factors, your business will have to be on hold till he comes back

Portfolio of best work: A good web design agency should have a portfolio. You should check it and see whether their mode of design suitable for what you are looking for

Reviews and Testimonials: They should have excellent reviews on social media. Check reviews on their social media posts, you can go as far as asking for reviews from their previous project.

Friendly: They should be friendly, because many projects last for some weeks or month. You will need to contact your web design agency from time to time with information, contents, graphic e.t.c.

Having a friendly attitude will make the relationship go smooth and productive

Project deadline: They should have a deadline for the project, a good web design agency should have duration for the project from research to project launch
Starting a web design agency

It is simple, you need not be a guru, regardless of your current background or skills before starting a web design agency. All you need is knowledge on design, fundamental and current technologies that will aid the efficiency of your work.

There are many YouTube videos on tutorial you can watch and many free and paid courses on Udemy on starting a web design agency,  you can get or better still google might be your best friend . Refer to this post to know more about the basic of web design and development
Thanks for reading, we are a web design agency in Lagos Nigeria, you can contact us if you need web design and development, web maintenance and social media marketing services.

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