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Website Maintenance: Here is impacts on SEO Ranking

Before I continue with roles of website maintenance, let me define SEO (search engine optimization), it is optimizing your website pages, contents and images to get organic, free traffic from the search engine results page.

Before you can achieve this, the search engine bot will scan or crawl your website pages texts and pick keywords that are likely summarize what your content is all about .

Anytime the keywords are searched on google. It will show some websites based on ranking factors

SEO is a brilliant strategy that can be performed to increase the popularity of a website by improving organic rankings, resulting in more visits to your website. One of the best tools to achieve this is carrying out systematic website maintenance.

Properly updating and optimizing your website result not only to improving your company’s image, it will make visitor stay longer, reduces your bounce rate and also increases your search engine ranking at the long run

To survive among your competitors . You must check every part of your pages function such as broken links, browser compatibility problems and speed

Having a good website design is not enough, proper maintenance that will lead to free traffic from google and boosts profit is the deal

Frequent updating of content such as the company’s information and other text of the website. It will not only add to the user’s experience but also pave way for google bot to see new content to crawl on each visit

If the search engine’s spider crawl your website twice or once in a month and find no new update. It is likely they will come back to index the website for search engine

Keyword monitoring: with website maintenance service, you can have monthly reported on how your keywords are performing in a google search engine and how you can improve them to stay ahead of your competitors

Image optimization: website maintenance is more than updating of graphic and content, it requires optimizing of images to load faster on visitor’s browsers by auditing the full website and resizing or change an image that is taking time to load

Broken link checking: constant checking and scanning of the website URL to detect any dead link

Reasons you should hire website maintenance agency

Website maintenance is very crucial to many websites whether blog , personal website or ecommerce. One of the best ways to users coming to your website is through maintenance by updating the images, content and adding additional features to the website to offer them something new to your old and new visitors

With website maintenance services, you can monitor the activities of your users, pages or posts they are clicking on your website and recommend on how to improve in less traffic pages

You can monitor your traffic channels, i.e Google, Facebook and others with helpful tips on how to improve and keep them coming

Through website maintenance, you can easily detect any issue and solved it on time before it grows bigger than what you can afford to do

Constant updating of your website will improve your corporate image and drive more users coming back to your website to see what you have in stock for them

Updating the design once in a while might mean extra cost at your end, but believe me it will put your website ahead of competitors since human eyes decode visual

Last, keeping your website content and images updated is a good signal to users and search engine bot that your website is still alive. That is the only hope to keep users from launching your website that will cause more traffic and profit to your pocket.

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