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Introduction to Basic of Web Design and Development

I know it might sound technical thinking on how to design your own wordpress website and start making dollars daily or monthly basis.

This lecture is a web design for beginners, I will try my best to break it down in such a way that it will be a complete web design tutorial for newbies .

Gone are those days when people go online, but right now people live online. What you need to get designed a website for your business or want to have a website design company

  1. First is the heart
  2. Second, your sacrifices
  3. Last, your PC

In this web design tutorial, a digital lord will lecture you on

Basic of web design and development

Designing a wordpress website can be as easy as sipping tea. I am both a web designer and a developer. Both a web designer and developer achieve same result via different media.

Web design is planning and creating a site with a combination of texts, images, digital media and interactive elements such as fonts, graphics, layouts.

These elements are vital to have a great-looking website on many browsers, before you create your website. You should read about basic foundations of a basic web design and development HTML and CSS.

HTML is used for the site structure while CSS are codes that are using for the appearance such as the style and layout

Popular content management system

A web designer uses more of CMS while web developer uses more of codes and scripts. Because of the little time , we will focus more on web design, using Content management system

A CMS is a software application that can manage the creation and modification of digital content online. CMSs are used for enterprise content management and website content management

We have lots of content management system all over the internet. Such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, Square space, Wix and Ghost.

This differs from web design site like Google Business, GoDaddy web design tools- These are highly not recommended for many reasons

WordPress is by far the most popular among them, there are notable sites that have been built with these tools.

For wordpress we have a site like Jay-Z official website. Rocnation, CNN, Forbes, Ketty perry, Payoneer to mention a few. For Joomla we have a site like Harvard University and others.

Hosting and Domain purchase

First before you can craft your first web page. You need a Domain and a Host. Just like everyone lives in a house so all your web pages and its contents need a place to stay

The Hosting is the house while the domain name is the address to the house. Below is the list of the recommended hosting company

  1. Bluehost
  2. Siteground
  3. Namecheap

Bluehost is the best to me in speed, reliability and security and it offers free domain on first year, but with this lecture, I will go with the cheapest on the list Namecheap.

One of the best host companies is Namecheap, one of the best plan is Stellar plus and you can get your domain from them.

If you buy your hosting and domain from a different registrar, you will need a brief set up to point the name servers of the hosting to the domain.

If you buy from the same place, no need for that , step by step to buy domain and hosting on Namecheap, others have a similar method


Basic of web design and development


Create an account and login, head over to hosting and select shared hosting, that is the popular plan to start with

Choose from the various plans. First plan stellar can only host 3 domains maximum while stellar plus can host unlimited websites and come with free SSL up to 50 domains

After choosing your plan, click on get started, input your domain name you have previously researched (e.g. your brand name or your name with any extension you are using .com.ng.tk.ga and others.

Once you do this and set your account up. Next you need to go to your cpanel (control panel).

But if you have domain from another registrar that you would like to connect to Namecheap hosting. Follow this simple process

Check your welcome email when you purchased the hosting to check the company’s nameservers. Once you have found these nameservers, you need to login to the domain registrar account and head over to domain list, click on manage domain, there you will see tabs for nameservers.

Input the 2 lines of code one by one and click save . You will need to wait for at least few minutes to a day to give the system time to do the swapping

Once you are done, move to the control panel (cpanel) and scroll down to softaculous panel and click on WordPress, fill the details and click install


basic of web design and development


Congratulation, your website should be live, use your domain name with this extension to access your admin dashboard, in my case, olahustle is the default login URL.

Though I have customized my own for security reasons, you will get to know how to do that after.

Theme and Plugins installation

What are theme and plugins, themes add some features and functionality to a site such as website’s presentation and designing, while plugins is the interior that add effect or remove some functions to a website

WordPress offers hundreds of different themes to help you personalize your website.

Most of the themes are offered within the WordPress directory, and you may find third-party themes that can be uploaded to your site as a zip file.

Choosing good and fast theme is important for your website. Since some themes are bad code such to expose your website to hacker and some not compatible with top page builders like elementor, beaver builder, divi builder.

There are many free themes and plugins you can install right from your admin dashboard with ease and little effort.

Let me outline the steps below, login to your admin dashboard and scroll down to appearance

APPEARANCE: click on appearance, then on themes, it will load and open another page, click on add new, it will show you thousands of themes.

You can choose based on categories “Featured, Popular, Favorites, Latest” .
If you have a theme in mind, you can use the search bar to find it.

If you have a theme zip file, you will click on upload and locate the folder you downloaded it on your laptop or devices.

Recommended themes are Astra, Oceanwp, Hello theme by elementor, Generate press, Neve, Hestia and some others.

All the above themes have a ready-made template you can import and edit to suit your business and you can start your own from the scratch

PLUGINS: click on plugins, add new, it will load another page where you will install plugins from the WordPress directory based on what you want and functions you want it to perform

To upload it as a zip file, click on upload and locate the downloaded folder and upload it.

Do it for as many plugins as you want, when you are done. It is time for customization. You can do that yourself, or hire a web design agency depend on your budget.

PAGES: scroll to pages and click on it, edit the page you want with any page builder you can use such as elementor plugin. When you are done with the design, effective maintenance services should be taking place on the website so your clients and google search spider can take you serious

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